About Me

My background

I'm a recovering marketer with a passion for food, travel, and new adventures. My home-base is currently located in Portland, Oregon. That is, when I'm not out chasing my next travel fix. 

Member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance (ITWPA)

My writing roots

As a history major and graduate of a liberal arts university, I wrote quite a bit in school. My background proved helpful when I entered the marketing world.  

When it came to both writing and selecting copy, I had a good eye for narrative and impact. I worked as a marketer for over a decade before stumbling upon a side gig as a content writer. 

I began to rediscover my joy for writing, choosing to marry it with my love of travel and food.

My style

Whatever the occasion, I aim to create content that's clear, concise and interesting to read. I'm a conversational writer, with an approachable and humorous writing style. 

Also, I like wine. Just throwing that out there.

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